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Wearing a Korean Hanbok at my own wedding!

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Your Local Korean Freelance Makeup Artist.

안녕하세요 Annyeonghaseyo!

I'm Hanna, your local Korean freelance makeup artist. I grew up in Icheon, roughly an hour south of the capital Seoul in Korea. Icheon is a comparatively small city but it's famous for peaches, ceramics and rice. We've a street full of rice restaurants!!

Being a keen traveller and after having lived & worked in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia) for a while, I soon realised I truly enjoy working with my hands, especially for the purpose of bringing emotions, feelings and trends into makeup, beauty and style.

Therefore, I decided to get trained and certified to be a professional makeup artist at the famed SBS Broadcasting Academy Beauty School in Seoul, Korea.

Korea is famous as a society with very strong emphasis on beauty. Korean beauty emphasizes a natural makeup look, which usually takes more time and effort as we try to make it look like no makeup at all! It's definitely not as simple as it looks =P

Now I'm a freelance makeup artist happily based in Malaysia & Singapore, and I hope to share my love of Korean beauty, skincare, style & fashion trends to anyone who's interested =)


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  • web@HannaKoreanMakeup.com

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